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Your Personal Covid19

There's a lot going on in the world right now.

There is a lot of loss.

There is a lot of disappointment.

There is a lot of fear.

There is a lot of sadness.

There is a lot of uncertainty.

The trauma in the world has a mass scale of people on the same page.

Millions are being impacted at the same time.

And...three months ago,

A newlywed couple had a miscarriage.

A healthy young 30 year old got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

A business filed for bankruptcy.

A Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Friend passed away unexpectedly.

Three months ago, trauma, loss, disappointment, fear, sadness, and uncertainty all still existed... And before you click out of this post, hear me out.

They existed in smaller pockets that had the same impact in that one person's world.

When trauma hits, it doesn't matter how many people it hits. It hits home.

It is still happening. Cancer, Babies fighting for life, unexpected loss.

So why am I saying this?

I think because we are all going to go through something in our life that is our personal COVID19. We will probably go through multiple times in our life that are COVID19. Times where we get to change course. Times where the rug is pulled out from underneath us. Times where loss is unfair, inescapable.

Times where we will get to rise or fall.

Times where we get to feel the feels, and then do the next right thing.

Times where it will hurt.

Times where we get to choose to stand back up.

And now, the whole world knows what that feels like.

Experiencing trauma and crisis has gone global.

The nation & the world has been leveled out in terms of empathy.


The whole world has come together.

GOOD is happening everywhere.

People are getting to know their neighbors for the first time from 6 feet away.

Connection is happening on Face Chats everywhere.

Live music is being streamed on social media by artists who had concerts scheduled.

The world is finding a way to give back, to give support.

Creativity is coming out in ways that are contributing to the planet that will far outlast COVID19.

When this is all over,

We are still going to find times in our life that are our own personal COVID19. Where we will get to be creative, find the best in the situation, find the gifts in the situation, and keep choosing to move forward.

So when this is all over. Don't forget that you have navigated your way through this. That you have a choice. To be light. To bring love. To experience community. To receive support.

Remember that we never know what page of someone's story we are walking into. Remember that even though the world is no longer in crisis, someone's world might be.

By reaching out, connecting, being you, sharing your gifts. You may just make the "a lot" going on in their world a little less. <3

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