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A realization/aha I had thinking about what I was looking for in a life partner <3

How often does it help to know where you came from to know where you are going? And, on the other hand, how much do you really need to know to grasp the forward movement? Why I am the way I am is because it is me. And, I uncovered it. Yes, my past and my present and my future shaped me. Of course.

Does a sculptor stop to consider the decades of pressure, weather, refinement that cultivated the stone they begin to chip away at? Or do they find a stone they want to use and look at it to see what the image is they are going to create?

How do we fit into that example?

I get in seasons where I look at my life for the complete sculpture. Where I am not messing around. I am not looking to chip away at things. I want to go to the store and buy teaching, buy bravery, buy vulnerability. If it were as simple as buying a pair of pants, how long would we wear the truest deepest qualities we possess?

What is so captivating about sculptures in the first place? How were they created?! Pressure, weather, build up, layers.


Our past is the pressure, the weather, the build up that creates the layers the beauty, the patterns that lie in the rock. Our present is looking at a big piece of rock and seeing what is created underneath. Our future, chipping away at what is possible <3

I can imagine myself tilting my head sideways like a puppy dog with curiosity. Tongue against the corner of my mouth I am sizing up this piece of stone, seeing the potential underneath it. taking my tool and chipping away at the first layer. I’ll start by uncovering this piece, practicing this piece <3 8 ) AHH! Remember a time when you started a project? Eager to dive in and as you complete each part, the vision becomes more and more clear <3 the sigh of joy at completion of the project. Guess what? You can be, and are that beautiful project <3

The past stories about being a quiet reserved goody two shoes kid who was a good listener and a good problem solver created pressure, formed the layers. Chipping away at this, uncovers the gift of my heart for humans. The tenacity I have to be able to release things that are not mine. To hold space for others but not carry them. Ect ect. Many times, it is someone in our life looking at us. They see the beauty underneath and chip away at the layers to reveal what is the truth underneath.We are whole and complete. The people that come into our life be it reason,season or lifetime support us in seeing that and speaking that over us. We are designed to be seen. Designed to be known and designed for our true sculpture to be uncovered and shared with those around us <3 What ways can you look at yourself with that same curiosity? Who can you share with today the sculpture and the beauty you see in them?


So, do you want to focus on?

How the layers got there or chip away to uncover the beauty that was always there? 8 )

And to all that, does chipping away and uncovering mean that you don’t experience that until all the little flecks are wiped away? No way. That is the core. The true authenticity that shines through when we let it. radiant light. So don’t hear that you have to go through xyz to be xyz. Hear that you ARE XYZ and you get to be more and more of it by uncovering the rest <3

My backstory is the layers. My story is the chipping away. I met the little girl, the one who laughed out loud at thoughts that jumped in her brain, the one that sings loud and asks hearts questions, the one that believes in a world where vulnerability is our greatest weapon.

What if you told people what you saw in them?

What if you looked for the light in people?

What could you recognize in that? In yourself?

Who would you meet? <3

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