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When it sucks.

Hey gang.

It's been a rough couple of weeks.

There have been a lot of bright beautiful moments. And there have been a lot of not so cute moments that have felt really sucky.

And instead of asking for help, I hid.

I hid in TV, sleep, tasks, food among other things.

I chose not to reach out because I wasn't my bright shiny self.

When people would reach out, I was usually in a bright space.

It was like flipping on and off a light switch.

The past few days have been better.

What worked was being honest were I was at. Showing up imperfect.

Letting the tears fall when they came. Talking it out as different thoughts showed up. Finding out that people loved me even though I felt like it wasn't enough.

I hesitated to write this for the same reason. Will this even make sense? Will people try to fix me? Will they tell me 'boo hoo' it doesn't matter? And the thing that kept me writing to share is the fact that if anyone else had reached out to me in the same situation, I would have loved them where they were at. I would have listened to them and sat with them while they worked things out.

So why would I do that for anyone but not for myself? Which actually happens to be a question I ask my coaching clients all the time.

Allowing others & TRUSTING others to do for me what I would do for them was & is what's supporting me through the suck. If you resonated with any of this, you're not alone.

When it sucks, reach out to the people in your corner who are there to support you and if you don't have people you feel comfortable sharing with, reach out to me.

Love you <3

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