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What I would Want to Know

This is the follow up to an idea I had one day. If I woke up and had know idea who I was, what would I want myself to know about Who I am. Things I would want to keep. Maybe even who I would tell myself I was because my past wasn't there to try and tell me otherwise. :) This is the rough draft version of that and also probably the best "about me" there is. <3

I Challenge you to take some time to do the same. If you were going to tell yourself who you were, what would you want you to know? :)

If I woke up tomorrow, and didn’t have my memory. Didn’t have what I have learned, didn’t have what I have experienced or the experience of those around me.

What would you want to tell yourself/give yourself or re-teach yourself. What would be important to know?

I would want you to know you love love. You love people. you love little moments, you love hearts of those around you. Each person matters and each person has value. That loving on someone is never a waste of time.

I would want you to know you get to choose how to react to this experience. That you get to design a new life. That you get to ask questions and ask for support. That you get to reach out to others and ask them what you are like, what they see in you(me).

I would want you to know that you might feel overwhelmed by the thought of relearning all that you knew. I would assure you that if you take it one step at a time and commit to what you really want to know, it will grow exponentially. I would want you to learn about the body all over again. Study anatomy and its application. I would want you to explore more. I would tell you you are an adventurer and not all who wander are lost. I would tell you to take guitar lessons and singing lessons. They are things you enjoy and want to be better at.

I would tell you you have been to 38 states and you love to travel. I would want you to know that you get to go through all your leadership courses again and go back to Tennessee and Wisconsin and Colorado. That you ask to re-establish relationships that you no longer remember. You would get to ask for support from who you were told was your family. You would get to reach out on social media and ask for precious memories from those around you. I'd also tell you to take tons of personality tests and answer questions with the first response that pops in your head and relish in the opportunity for unbiased true nature ha ha. You would get to create a totally different level of reach out.

I would encourage you to reflect on journals and memories without judgement, just a curiosity and luxury as fun as reading a novel. A life you can relate to.

I would want you to remember that you wanted to see sea turtles hatch, go to new Zealand, that you love to write letters, that you love to snuggle. That you like going on walks. You like asking questions. You love your smile and your freckles and seeing others light up. You love Jesus. You love the water. Your favorite animal is a white tiger. Your favorite number is 11. Your favorite food is Mac and Cheese. You love sunshine and green grass. You love animals and craft coffee. You also love crafting and creating. Oh and you're definitely going to have to watch Grey's Anatomy, Bones, and The Office again. All the Marvel Movies, Harry Potter, LOTR, Grumpy Old Men, all the Disney Movies. Ha ha I would also remind you love country music and you wanted to be Shania Twain when you were little.

I would want you to know that you are strong, you are loved, you are a lover of humanity.

And creating community is as easy as saying hello, stepping out and stepping up. The opportunity to create new memories is abundant.

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