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We Create

I was watching Little Women - the 2019 version - a few weeks ago and while the movie held many moments worth crying over, I didn't find myself in tears until the end. Potential spoilers to follow. If you don't like spoilers, skip down to the line break in the page <3

The tears were came after watching hat one would expect but from the process of watching a book be created. First, it was all written on paper, the pages strewn across the floor. Organized, edited, and re-organized. Then shipped off to who knows where for a publisher to look at it. Sending your one and only copy of creation off into the world is pretty wild in a world where we can write and post on Facebook in minutes. So. That's the first bit. The part that really got me was watching to book be printed. Each letter was a raised stamp on a tiny steel bar. It had to be arranged side by side to create the proper spacing and flow of the book. So each page was printed that way! Then the pages were folded by hand and bound. They showed the leather being cut and the title being embossed onto the cover. I cried because of the trust it took to send the book off. I cried because of the passion it took to see the book through to the end. I cried because this creation was hand crafted to be sent out to the world. It's beautiful. And it took courage and risk and heart and soul. It reminded me of the reason we create and the power we have in today's day and age to do so. <3


The following are quick lines I jotted down after another similar experience I had last night. I caught a few minutes of a show my Dad was watching of Garth Brooks - one of the greatest country music artists of all time. In the show he was telling the story of the time he brought country music to New York in Central Park. It was an area that could hold a massive crowd, and in a city like NY, he didn't think it was possible that it was going to be full. Yet around 1 million people flooded the lawn of Central Park for the concert. Can you imagine walking on stage to over a million people that came to see you? Bearing your heart and soul and sharing your true gifting with the world? And that happening not necessarily because it was on your vision board, but because you were your vision and that is what manifested. <3 Moments like this inspire me to keep creating <3 What moments inspire you?

We create because someday someone is going to ask us how we did it.

We create because our hearts our so full we can’t keep it in. We gotta get it out.

We create because we are BURSTING with passion and fire and heart and joy and pain.

We create because there is a story to be told in many moments.

We create because it feeds our soul.

We create because it hurts not to.

We create because beauty is everywhere or destruction is everywhere.

We create because people may change when they get to experience it.

We create for what’s possible.

We create because maybe if it made a difference in our life, it can make a difference in someone else’s.

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