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Three Minutes.

Alright <3 Think about your week. In that time, does any given 3 accumulated minutes have any significant meaning to you?

For me, and I would guess for most, Nope.

Three Minutes out of One Week is 0.045% of your time each week if you are sleeping 8 hours a night( ha ha insert next blog post here ;)

The bottom line is this is LESS THAN POINT ONE PERCENT of your entire week. See that little line in the circle? Yup. That is it. Big Whoop.

Except, consider what is possible in three minutes.

What meaningful things could be said in three whole minutes?

How many texts could you send in three minutes that share a kind word, a token of appreciation, or a love note with gratitude?

How many relationships can be torn down in a few seconds with one comment? If it only takes seconds to tear down, what can we focus on with those 180 seconds to build up.

WHAT IF the less than point percent could impact that entire green circle. Coloring it with love, appreciation, gratitude. Those three minutes could change a hard week to a fun week. Those three minutes could change bedroom doors slamming to snuggles on the couch.

What if three minutes was was all the time each week it took to make something in your life drastically better? If that relationship would feel closer? It might be you, it might be your kiddos, it might be your significant other, it might be a close friend. If that part of the job came with a lot less tension? If you felt more connected with the kids?

Three minutes.

That is it. Big Whoop.

Three minutes that could make all the difference.

Would you do it? - "yes, why wouldn't you. It is three minutes."


Let's Find out <3


> Choose someone or something in your life where you would like to explore it looking different.

> Choose something that takes approximately 1 minute to do that you can commit to doing 3 times a week. This could be a text message saying what you appreciate about this person. It could be a love note you write down and sneak into their bag. It could be a list of things you are grateful for about them.

> Share what you are committing to doing below to cultivate ideas and spread the love <3

> Tell someone you are going to do this and let them know each time you do. Accountability is key here! Bring them in on the challenge! Have them read this and decide what would work for them. Feel free to email me if you want to test it out before reaching out to your circle.

> Do this for 3 weeks or more. Would love to hear what this created for you and your relationships! Please share via email or in the comments below. <3

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