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The Universe is Celestial Today.

All the different strings so long & vast

And the stories are all intertwined

but each follow their own path.

I could spend all day reaching out

untangling the web

or getting wrapped up.

Sometimes we reach out and build tapestries

Other times we reach back and break the trail.

We spin webs trying to cut corners

and people get wrapped up in the game.

We wander into webs already created &

We get pulled into masterpieces we didn't know were being formed.

Places in our past where knots were tied,

get pulled when there's a big event happening in someone else's life.

It's riding a roller coaster in the dark. We know we are on a path,

We can feel the change in pressure,

We can sense when things are coming,

We can feel the interactions around us,

And there's everything and nothing to be done about it.

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