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The Lucky Penny Guy

I was recently introduced to a franchise called PIBCOA®. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Electricity to increase the capacity of the cell to heal and hold energy while also decreasing the level of impedance(blockage) in our body that leads to things like pain, loss of function, disease, etc. In many ways we add to the body, we look at putting things into our system to maximize the potential of the cell. With PIBCOA®, we are not only working to maximize the cell, we are increase its capacity.

There is a story in PIBCOA® Hawaii that documented the results of a young man who was affected with CRPS. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I am not going to begin explaining what the experience is of people who have been impacted by this is. I was deeply impacted by the power of this technology though. Being in healthcare, it is not something I have seen great results with in the past. I could only imagine, if we could help with that. Something often referred to as the "suicide disease". What would the impact be? So as we dived into the franchise, we are on a mission to have the same stories in our community of healing that are happening in other areas of the country.

The #LuckyPennyGuy popped up on my Instagram feed several months ago. I don't remember how or why I chose to follow them. As I continued to see their posts online, I realized this was someone who was advocating for CRPS. I had no clue who they were if they were affected by CRPS or had someone close in their life affected by it. Either way, I knew by then that we were deciding to get the technology and knew the story of the man in Hawaii who had tremendous results from receiving PIBCOA® treatments. So I sent a direct message and asked to meet.

Today that meeting happened.

I got to meet a man and wife who are positive mindset thinkers. Who have done their homework, tracked many things, experienced many things and are still on a mission not only to bring awareness but to find the why behind what works and what doesn't.

"It couldn't be a problem if there wasn't a solution

out there somewhere"

That is what Chris said today. He told me his story of how it started with crushing his finger. Many people have had this experience and thought nothing of it. For him it was the same, until the finger started to swell to the size of nearly splitting the skin. Getting treatment took time and the symptoms of CRPS traveled from the hand, to the wrist, to the elbow, to the shoulder up into the neck and chest.

Chris has invested a lot of time researching and tracking his experience.

He has a WHY.

A why that drives him every single day. A why that is the reason he is still here. He shared with me that Americans lost $63,000.00 million dollars in pennies last year! He told me the story of getting out of a doctors appointment after a particularly intense flare up and seeing a penny on the ground. He looked at it, realizing he couldn't pick it up. Even if he mustered through the pain to bend over, the CRPS in his hands and fingers didn't have the dexterity or capacity through to pick it up. His wife, LeeAnn, came over and picked it up. She said to him, maybe this is our lucky penny that will find the cure to CRPS.

Thus the mission to ask people for their pennies was created. Things that some may not pay attention to will create a huge level of contribution to change the world for people affected by CRPS. Chris creates official Lucky Pennies in his workshop and spreads the joy of finding a lucky penny anywhere he travels. The back of these cards say,

Find a Penny, Pick it up. All day long you will have good luck. Give it to a friend, and your luck will never end!

"Mere" Pennies. $63,000.00 million dollars in Change we take for granted. Change that literally has the capacity to CHANGE lives. What could that do for a mission and a movement? I was honored and humbled by their experience and journey. This is drive and vision takes something so simple and proves that a little can go a long way. Take some time to appreciate the things you take for granted today <3.

Should you find it in your heart or on the ground, contribute your pennies to the #LuckyPennyGuy

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