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The First 100 Feet.

We all know the jist of climbing Mount Everest. It is very challenging, takes a lot of dedication, support, training, preparing, mindfulness, all that good stuff.

I cannot and will not pretend to have any idea what all goes into the summit of such a feat.

And, I get to acknowledge that we all climb Mount Everest in certain areas of our lives.

Can I get an amen from all the parents out there? 8 ) -p.s. I love you parents 8 ) You are super heroes. Give yourself a pat on the back for facing some of nature's most wild elements.

Back on track.

Are you imagining the Mount Everest in your life?

What have you been training for, planning for, preparing for?

What do you need to do to make it happen?

Where are you going to get stronger in order to make the climb?

Will it happen as you go or are you preparing to be ready beforehand?

Is it a big promotion? Is it passing freaking Anatomy and Physiology(think I’m joking, go take that class-woof) Is it navigating a challenging relationship?

All the hype, all the work, and you set out for the climb and then the summit (how's that for the fast pass version?)

Imagine, you are at the top. You can see out for ages. How far you have come! What it took for you to get there! YOU ARE PROUD! You are EXCITED! LOOK AT THIS AMAZING VIEW!!!

You bask in the beauty, in the greatness, in the accomplishment. FREAK YES!

If it were me, I would probably cry. I would be witnessing something that few will ever see in their lifetime. Something that few would go after. Something few would put in the time, effort, and energy to accomplish.

Much like in life, we don’t get to stay there forever.

So in all of that Euphoria, you begin to descend. You already climbed a mountain, the rest is easy right?

One may think so. I had a mentor share a story with me once that the first 100 feet down were actually the most dangerous.


Because this is when we are paying the least attention.

Paying the least attention to:

where we are,

where we are going,

what is happening.

We are so high on our accomplishment and the magnitude of the summit, we can forget the awareness, strength, preparation, and training we used on the way up.

It is easy to slip up and fall right after the summit.

The reminder here for me is when I am up high in the sky after accomplishing huge goals is to take a minute before I go to the next thing. Refocus myself on where I am going. Making sure not to slip as I move towards those next 100 feet.

What is your Everest?

What is it going to take to get there?

How will you celebrate when you get to the top? What steps can you take to make sure you take a moment and create awareness as you move to the next 100 feet? <3

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