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The Depth of Dot Dot Dot



This is a set of three periods ( . . . )

When used in writing it is designed to represent something that was omitted from the text. Typically the omission is because it is not relevant to the text or to save space.

For example a long quote may be shorted by taking the first sentence, adding a dot dot dot, and then adding the last sentence.

The . . . implies that something is there but it is not being shared in this moment in time.

To me, in common conversation, these ...s have taken on a whole new meaning.

Have you ever gotten a text from someone where those three little dots said so much more than anything else in their message? You could tell there was whole paragraphs they might not be sharing or something happened that took them out emotionally that day? Maybe you have sent a message where the ...s were something that you wanted to say but didn't quite know how. Maybe you wanted them to catch that something was going on and ask. Just like Ellipses are used in omitting text from quotes, these little dots are omitting many things in conversations all over the place. These three little dots are an opportunity for further connection, trust, & vulnerability.

This is the depth of the dot dot dot <3

When those three little black dots are saying so much more than they are.

I think of these black dots as if I am seeing the front of a sculpture. When I look at the sculpture head on, I see three dots. If I come around to the side of the sculpture, I can see these wide, long extensions coming out from those black dots.

What we see is face value. What is underneath it is a vast amount of information. This information may truly be an omission for the sake of irrelevant content. It may be so much more.

All of this to say... (did you see what I did there?)

When you get the little tug that those little black dots are saying so much more than they are... find out what it is <3 You may discover a deeper connected relationship under there. <3

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