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Sometimes you need someone else to look in your backpack for your wallet.

Ridiculous title. And. The examples go on and on.

This particular title manifested from a day where my little brother "lost" his wallet. Mind you, this man checks for his watch, wallet, keys, & so on each time he arrives or departs from a destination. He knew without a doubt he had his wallet the day this occurred.

My brother had a car packed full of items he was moving into his new home. As he was leaving, he checked for the important items just like always, said his goodbyes and went to get gas a few miles up the road. Getting to the gas station, he reached for where his wallet normally is. It wasn't there. Panicked, he looked through the immediate things in front of him.

We got a call to see if he had left it with us. We looked around in all the places that made sense. He started making his way back to us, looking along the route to see if it had kicked off on the side of the road.

When he got back, we could see that he was flustered and upset. Basically he was convinced it was lost in route because it wasn't where it should be. And I don't know if you enjoy scouring the sides of the road for lost items that may have flown off the roof of your car... but we weren't excited about that possibility.

The usual questions came out. Where did you see it last. Did you check here? Here? Here? And so on. He continued looking through things frantically. We helped as best as we could. Eventually, after my brothers third search through his backpack, my mom asked if she could try looking through it. He said yes and in the next minute, she pulled out his wallet.

The place he had looked over and over was exactly where it was. Watching this unfold, I could recall a few times where I looked in the same place repeatedly with no results until a fresh set of eyes looked and saw it immediately.

Take away =

When you have "lost" something.

When you can't "find" something.

When you are "missing" something....

Who can you call into your world to help you in your search?

Allowing fresh eyes to see what you are missing can go way beyond items.

Let someone help you find the thing you are looking for. <3

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