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Shoreline or River Ride?

Music has always been a part of my life. Listening to the lyrics always uncover deeper meanings and connections. Amazing how perfect songs seem to come up at just the right time. This is a song I have had in my heart since childhood. And while it may not have "meant" a whole lot to me then, it sure means the world to me now. Each time I feel fear come up, I remember that I can either watch the water slip away or I can get in the boat and enjoy the ride. <3

Here is a clip of lyrics from the song The River by Garth Brooks

"Too many times we stand aside

And let the waters slip away

'Til what we put off 'til tomorrow

It has now become today

So don't you sit upon the shoreline

And say you're satisfied

Choose to chance the rapids

And dare to dance that tide"

Being in the field of coaching, I get to support people in going after goals & dreams. <3 This song reminds me of that beautiful dance. They aren't standing on the sidelines. They are jumping into the rapids and moving their vessel with the flow of the river. Each time they are willing to get in the water, they learn to navigate better. Each time they get off the shoreline they are stepping outside their comfort zone to get more of what they want in life. <3

<3 Thank you #GarthBrooks for your courage to share your heart and your voice with us. I invite you to take a listen or read the lyrics. What pops up for you? What is applicable in your life at this time? What are you go to songs that speak into your life?!

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