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My Version <3

My version of coaching looks like creating results alongside intuition, self care, and emotional intelligence. <3 This might sound woo-hooey but this is something that is overlooked in our society. It is one of the most powerful things we have and we pay so little attention to it. Intuition is something we were gifted as children and it somehow faded overtime. Self Care is something that people often think as selfish but pouring out of an empty cup just dumps dirt on people. When we take time for ourselves, we can give more of ourselves. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize how you are feeling and acknowledge it. Only when we recognize what is can we choose to change it. Processing emotions gets them out of our system. Ignoring them keeps them in your system and creates long term effects.

My version of coaching looks like asking you the tough questions. The ones that if you owned the answer, you could do something to change it. I heard a story once that people avoided screenings for health because they didn't want to know how their health was. It sounds odd that someone wouldn't want to know if something wasn't quite right doesn't it? Only thing is we do that all the time. We ignore things that we don't want to know that aren't really moving us forward. We ignore things that might be poisoning us (mental emotional physical chemical). The choice to change what isn't working gets us to the results we want.

My version of coaching looks like loving you where you are at. That might sound silly but I love people hardcore. Why? Because there is an area in everyone's life where they play M.V.P. There is an area in everyone's life where they have passion and purpose and excitement and drive. I see you. I value you. I can't wait to call out the awesomeness I see in you.

Coaching has been in me my whole life. My curious nature and playful spirit has been building relationships since I was little. I used to bring new friends back to the campsite when we would go camping as a kid. Growing up, I was the listener of the group. I was the one who helped people solve their problems or share time and space with them while they cried. When I got into Chiropractic, I became that for hundreds of people sitting in consultations or re-evaluations. We would connect on all different aspects of life. They would teach me & I would ask questions and love them. I am the one who my family warns new additions to the family about because I ask all the questions. Why? Because I care about who they are. They aren't just cousin X's boyfriend. They are a person. My Grandpa isn't just a Grandpa. He is a man with a past and friends and childhood stories and mischief to share. Things that a Grandpa might not think to pass along to their grandchildren.

I love it because I believe the full human expression of life is vulnerability and being seen and loved for who you truly are. I love being a safe place for people to experience it. I love seeing clients try it out with those close to them and find out they are still loved too <3 When we can break the barriers that keep us apart...that is when we can experience true connection. When we have that. We can create a lot. <3

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