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My Favorite Forest 'Sound'

My favorite sound at the property in Minnesota is the grouse.

If you have ever heard a four wheeler start up, that is what it reminds me of.

The slow start of a

put....put...put..put.put put

When I was little, I truly used to think it was a four wheeler starting. I would wonder why I could hear so many in the early mornings opening day of hunting season.

I assumed it was more hunters headed out for the day.

And that makes me smile to. The mind and imagination of little me <3

Another analogy is if you imagine bouncing a ball super high... and upon landing it makes the 'Put' and then back up before coming down the distance between it and the ground getting shorter each time. So the 'put's get closer and closer together until it is almost a roll.

The best part though is not the sound. It is the feeling as it reverberates in your chest.

The cavity of your body acting as if it were drumming.

The put put put put vibrating faster into you core.

It's like a force field wave hits you each time.

Your heart could practically match its rhythm.

You rarely ever see them, the grouse.

I never have any clue where they are. How closer or far away either.

Yet they thrum often.

Gosh it makes me smile. <3

Now, I imagine it differently. I 'know' what it is.

Yet each time it is magic. Even more magic than a four wheeler ;).

When I visit this place, I hope for it. It's my favorite. Like you would welcome your favorite dish at the supper table.

It stops me in my tracks each time the familiar rhythm starts. Stopping to experience, to savor the moment.

Letting nature wave through me with it's gifts <3 Gratitude for my favorite forest feeling <3 My favorite forest sound <3

What's Yours?

What is that place or that peace where you can feel nature? Where you can hear nature? The thing you look for when you take time to be in nature? <3

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