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More about Fairy Tales

I am willing to believe in fairy tales. In far off lands, in magic. Because they all have something to teach us.

They all can show us things we would be unwilling to see if it were real. But the truth is, it is real.

It might be a different scenario or situation. It might not look the way we thought...

but the things we work through live through and think through in the worlds outside of ourselves teach us things about ourselves internally.

The feeling of moving through a story with someone. Following their heart down a path you already know won't end well, but you go with them anyways hoping they will change their mind.

The places where you can see that they aren’t right for each other might inspire you to see the person right in front of you in real life and how their story applies to yours.

Even though we may have never met or may never meet. I want you to know that what you see, hear, feel, & think matters. And that you are so much bigger and there is so much more to see if you are willing to look and open your eyes. I want you to know that I believe in your possibility, your fairy tale, and there are people in your life who do too. Are you willing to let them in? Let them love you? Are you willing to believe in fairy tales?? <3

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