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Layers Exposed

Would it serve us to be like earth and water? Layers that get exposed and then get filled and repeat. Layers that stay open unless there's a big storm or flood. Ones that ebb back and forth. Others you might have to submerge to see.

To give ourselves permission for parts of us to be seen and unseen. Once it's discovered, that doesn't make it finite. Allowing seasons to Happen where the water covers it.

The Inspiration <3

Consider a river with a shore line. The river has depth. The shore line has layers.

You can see the line of the beach when water is low, you can see where the water has washed the dirt away so much the roots of the trees are poking out. You can see the rocks where the lines look like the rings of a tree, the inside of a long nursed cup of coffee.

Each layer represents a moment in time. Where the water covered it up. And the water also exposed it as it washed away as well. And, there will come a time where the water will likely wash it away again.

Humans. Our Hearts. Our personalities. The things that get shown when the water is low.

Things are revealed that the water washed away. Things that happen underneath the surface when the water is high.

Exposed. Which layers might be layers where you shown beautiful? All your best features? All your best colors? People marveled. <3

Exposed. Which layers put mud and dirt and trash everywhere from an overflow of water that raced through for a moment?

Exposed. Which layers carved out parts you were quite fond of? Now the edges cut deeper. Which layers carved away things that you weren't fond of? Now the deeper truer parts can breath.

Exposed. Which layers do people come back to see again and again? Do some feel like you have to have them ready for people to see always? Do some feel easy to let them just be what they are?

Exposed. Which parts do you try and show off your best side always?

Exposed. Which layers ebb back and forth? Coming out and shining when the water is low, but when the water covers them up you feel like a piece of you is missing? Or when the water covers them up you breathe a sigh of relief? No one has to see that anymore.

Exposed. Which layers rinse away the foundation? Leaving the roots of trees planted on display for people to explore? The parts of you that ground the trunks you have established. Are they less stable? Do they add to the marvel of the great trees or do they reveal the secrets holding you up?

The beauty of nature we are willing to see when it is earth and water. What would it be like to take all the pieces of us that mirror that. To also marvel at ourselves the way we marvel at dimensions of the world. The beauty that we ourselves possess. Permission to be worn, polished, beautiful, uncovered, recovered, exposed. <3

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