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How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

I am honestly not sure how many people have or haven’t seen this old Tootsie Pops commercial. It is a memory from my childhood & I believe it is worth checking out.

What was your answer after watching the commercial?

I always looked at that commercial and would wonder myself how many to the center. Every time I would get a tootsie pop I would count. How many licks.

And eventually I would get bored. I would stop counting and I would give in. Biting the hard candy exterior for the tootsie roll center everytime.

Recently, I had an experience where I got to put a boundary in place within a relationship. It’s not a forever boundary but it’s a right now boundary for sure.

They knew that it was temporary so they asked me the genuine question.

“HOW LONG? How long until that boundary is taken down?”

I didn’t have the answer. Because the boundary I created was really going to be based off an ‘experiment’ in and of itself. Just like getting to the center of the lollipop, it’s not really about how many licks it would actually take. It is more about how many times the metaphorical ‘lollipop’ would get addressed before taking a bite out of it.

Which might be frustrating. And it might be kind of cool. Because it could be as simple as 1,2,3, crunch. And it might take longer. No matter what though, it is about the curiosity of the process.

If you allowed yourself space to explore until you chose to bite into the center of the lollipop, would that give you more freedom of when you choose?

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