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How do you 'draw'?

This is a snapshot of two short clips in my life. One is about a person that amazed me with their talent and then later on inspired me. The other clip is what the inspiration created.

The 'moral' of the story for me is that the things we wish we had... the talent someone else has... that often resides inside of us. It may not look the way we want it to. When you see a gift in others, what gift do you see in yourself?


Clip 1

There is this person at the coffee shop all the time. They are an incredible artist and in here almost every time I am. (Which is a lot. A lot.)

They have a cup of coffee... it always seems to be 'for here' in one of the shop's mugs.

I don't know what their drink is... They always have on black bluetooth earpods and their glasses are wire rimmed & silver. Usually they have a hat on too.

They are drawing people in the coffee shop. I love sitting behind them so I can see who and what they are drawing. I wonder how they pick out who to draw. I wonder how they decide which snapshot in time to capture. Do they see a certain facial expression and run with it or do they intuitively create a story and an expression to go with it?


Clip 2 - post clip 1 ;)

I am sitting at a coffee shop and wishing I could draw the man sitting in front of me. I wish I could capture him the way the artist does that draws people in the shop all the time. Then i realized that I do draw/capture people, just not the way I think it should look.

He is relaxed, leaning back, legs crossed and you can tell he is comfortable and enjoying himself.

Taking in the morning.

His shoes are a dark beige color. Almost brown. Dry earth. The shoe laces are a bit off white too. One might even think there is some paint on them if you were just looking briefly.

His jeans have a similar washed out look. Light at the knees, calves and thighs but darker around the ankles. There is a pattern on the pocket that is difficult to see.

Then he has a leather looking tweed looking corduroy looking jacket. What a texture to capture. 8 ) It is light brown, almost a caramel color. <3 It is beautful.

He has a scarf that is purple and pink and red and peach and another champagne color.

His hair is dark dark brown almost black. His complexion is light brown. I would guess Italian but I have zero idea. He has some facial hair. A mustache and almost a chin strap but not clean. Grows where it grows kind of. His bottom shirt is patterned. Small boxes back and forth.

The thing that strikes me most about him is his smile. Whatever the conversation, he is enjoying it. Whatever is going on in life, this moment is precious and joy filled.


So if you can draw. Rock on. You are Epic and I admire you. <3 And if you can't 'draw', how do you illustrate & capture your world? <3 For me, it's through writing <3

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