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Half & Half = Half Cream, Half Coffee

Today I am often called a coffee snob by my family. As often as possible, I like to get my coffee beans from a tried & trusted coffee shop. I like them ground the day of and made just the way I like it at the temperature I prefer. I typically drink it with some heavy cream added to it... not too much though.

Back when I first started my coffee journey... I would tell people it's called half & half because I needed to add in just as much half & half to neutralize the taste of coffee.

If I hadn't started there.

I wouldn't be here now.

If I had been shut down for being a crappy coffee drinker before I had the chance to fall in love with this delicious drink... I wouldn't have fell in love with coffee shops & the conversations it brought with it. I wouldn't have had hours to spend creating and enjoying community. I probably wouldn't have started writing this blog.

Ok, I may have. But we will never know. And it definitely wouldn't have looked like this. <3

So this is a shout out to the people in my life willing to love me when I was mostly drinking sugar & milk. The people that loved me long enough to be able to drink delicious wonderful blends of roasted coffee and hang out in cool coffee shops and have epic conversations with amazing people.

This entire post might sound absolutely ridiculous. And it might be. But it might also prove a point that if we are willing to teach people, be patient with them, and walk through life with them as they learn... It could just got to show the simple thing that made all the difference.

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