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Go Fetch

Short story this week <3 And an interesting concept to ponder.

I was with a friend this weekend and they had a dog that was non-stop on their fetch game. The pup followed us all over the property with a toy in their mouth. Dropping it when we stopped and going to get it each time we would throw it. This went on for over an hour. Eventually, I got tired of throwing it & I wasn't even the one doing the work. My friend told me she would do that all day every day if she could. She loved it. She wanted to go after it.

It made me wonder. If they find so much joy in going after the same thing all day, what is the equivalent for humans.

What is one simple thing worth playing fetch for?

I asked this question to a Dad a one and a half year old and he said babies. He says he has proof that he will chase them and bring them back all day long. Which is a cute fun answer. And if was about the chase? Not necessarily about bringing it back but what you would want to go after all day long? What would it be?

What is the thing that can be thrown in front of us that we will go get every time? Is it a relationship? Is it a career? Is it a passion to help people? Is it skill set you always want to be working on?

Or is it a daily thing we do maybe not time again and again each day but day after day after day?

Would love your thoughts <3 What would you go fetch for?

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