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Food for thought <3

If you held space for someone long enough to tell them

it was ok to take their hands down from their ears.

That it was ok to uncurl from that ball of pain that they are in the fetal position for.

That if they come up for air it will be fresh and not smog and fire.

That when they roll out they might be a little stiff but it's ok. They might feel a little weak but they will get stronger.

Like a baby fern unraveling, the tendrils fortify &

they could pull back to protect but as they grow and unwind out they can create more protection than staying safe ever could.

They can sense more and feel more and experience more of what's possible.

They can sense things from further away and make decisions based off of something larger than the game.

This is a season where you decided that someone could benefit by choosing

something different than a lie.

Something different than avoiding vulnerability.

Something different than hiding from what might be out there.

Unwind. Discover. What is the world if not a place to explore?

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