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Find Out

Heading into the year of 2020, my word for the year

Find Out.

So technically two words for the year ;) hee hee 8 )

I chose this phrase because often times I look at life from a place of having to have it all figured out.

I want to know what is going to happen, what I need to do, what it's going to take.

Having something figured out means that I will be safe.

But, it also means I may not choose the most authentic route for me or say yes to opportunities that look like risk.

So instead of figuring it out, I wanted to come from a place where I stayed open to finding out.

That means saying yes to things that I don't already know the outcome or the return.

That means being open to practicing things I may not know how to do as well.

That means being willing to not meet expectations and get back up and work to meet them the next time.

That means coming from exploration and excitement and adventure.


The following is a clip that I think is from something I wrote when I chose Find Out for 2020.

Find out where you show up unapologetically yourself.

Find out where the full range of human expression finds itself

Find out if your story has merit. Tell It.

Find out if you feel something with that Person. Kiss Them.

Find out if you want to live there. Move.

Find out if you like that Job. Work It.

Find out where you are strong. Work Out.

Find out where you are weak. Uncover It.

The future can be fun you know :)

Vibration Rise. Where What Direction What’s the actual “yes to”

Find out with to -Keep-Eliminate-Change-

Don't think it has to look a certain way!


And here is something I wrote just the other day. A beautiful measurement of what I have found and what I still want to find out this year. <3 And it's kinda epic because I found the list above after I wrote this and a lot of the lines connect for me. 8 )

So far I have found out that I can kiss the guy. I have found out I can create money doing things that I LOVE like content creation and writing and editing and coaching. I found out that being at home around my family rocks and has reconnected me to the country life. I found out that I can do hard adulting stuff that I don't want to and still be ok. I found out that I have lots of thinks to uncover around money. I found out that goals work for me. That working out can be fun. That my alone time is powerful and so is time with friends.

What do I still want to find out this year - That I can create more and complete more with writing. That I can expand the adventure of doing things that I love and creating finances with it. I can own who I am even more and not apologize for it. That what I have to share has value. That Finding Out is way more fun, honoring, & authentic than figuring out ever was <3


Where in your life would it serve you to FIND OUT and jump in versus trying to figure it all out? <3

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