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Fairy Tales & Villains

A piece of my writing I wanted to share with you all <3


When I met you, I didn’t think we would end up this way. Things from fairy tales consumed my mind and the knowingness we had something special. Knowing that if we were both in it together it would be magical. Despite the fact that we didn’t look like the rest. Despite the fact that we may not be destined to walk the road as intertwined as one might hope. The essence of together would still exist. The space to be totally real and banter would be there. The joy in sharing passions and curiosities would carry us beyond any assumption or stipulation.

And then the villain enters. The one where they are so committed to things turning out a certain way. The one that will pursue anything at all costs to make sure that it turns out their way.

They take away any illusion that we don’t have to fit the mold. They create doubt when you feel pulled one way or the other. They look to catch you and expose you. They look to break apart If they cannot find their solution. The thief comes to steal and destroy. Yet even when we see it ransacking our home, our innermost thoughts, we stand there and watch. Letting the darkness take the place of our solid possessions. The resolution grows dim as pieces of us are turned into confusion. Confusion and hurt where the expression of that can look like anger, withdrawing, lashing out. The measure of success of the thief may not always be the possessions but the loss of the person whose possessions were. When something is taken from us, is the natural reaction is to let it be fought for? Or is it to let them take it and assume they needed it more that we did? The fight or the release…

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