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Do It Anyways

Updated: May 14, 2020

Imagine you are at a conference, a concert, a community event. There is someone speaking, singing, or sharing up front. What do you think about them? Why did you show up to listen to them? What do you want from them?

Typically these are the people that have been called to a place of leadership and chosen to take on the challenge. This place tends to put them in the spotlight. A place where they get put on a pedestal by their listeners. A place where they don't always get a lot of grace if they fall, and where a lot is expected from them even when they are off the clock.

When people look at leaders, they tend to put them up on the pedestal of the almighty. Praise them for what works and punish them for what doesn't. Who gave them that authority? You did. What are you telling yourself about what you can or can't have? And where did you buy into the story that they don't have the same trials you have, don't have the same burdens you have, and don't have this thing that thing you are dealing with. They didn't experience that pain, that trauma.

Guess what. You might be right. Maybe they didn't. But you can sure bet they have their own. You can sure bet you didn't go through their pain, their loss, their stuff, their trials either.

What makes them different is that despite all that. They did it anyways.

I want to introduce you to a person who is a human just like you. In their profession, they chose a place of leadership that quite often has people putting them in the spotlight and putting them on a pedestal. People go to her with their problems thinking that she has their answers.

She is a brave heart. Willing to step in, to step up, when no one else will.


Because there are lives at stake. Because there are people who deserve the chance to say yes to something bigger in their lives.

This is the Real conversation.

They feel the same way you do.

They have that voice in their head saying,

"It's not enough."

"It's not good enough."

"It's not enough hearts."

"I didn't share that as well as I could have." "I didn't deliver that in a way where everyone could gain maximum impact."

"I don't look the part well enough."

The same nagging of an insistent knocker at the door that will not leave.

Except, instead of turning out the lights and pretending like no one is home,

this woman opens the door and goes out into the world walking right past the naysayer.

She does it anyways.

Despite the call we all feel.

To hide

To stay safe

To stay small

She says, "Not this time." over and over again.

Despite every excuse

Despite every reason

Despite even the permissible things you would give credit to making the exception.

Not this time. Not today.

That's what makes her great. She does it anyways.

Despite being scared. Despite people telling her she couldn't. Despite feeling like she couldn't.


She believes she is making the world a better place.

She says yes to things she doesn't want to when she knows that saving lives is what is possible.

She believes when things get hard, which they will... you choose in, you move forward, you tell that voice

Not this time.

What is IT in your life that you look around and you feel the pull.

Where you are feeling called to be part of a bigger story despite the voice telling you otherwise?

You belong in this part of the plan.

Someone gets to bring this into the light. There are lives to be saved.

Do you have to choose it? No. The world will still turn, it just won't be as bright.

Are you bringing your light to the planet? Shining authentically you?

Not as what you think you need to shine at but what you truly do shine at?

What is it? What is the pull? And when you look around and find every reason why not...

What does it look like to lean into that little voice....and Do It Anyways. <3

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