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Classic American Baseball

Today, my family and I went to a Milwaukee Brewer's Game. I had two significant experiences that struck me. One was the ambiance of American Baseball. The other was the Freedom we get to have here, the fact that I could be at a stadium and see forty one thousand stand together. Magnificent.

:) I kicked off the day in a sun dress and my family actually came to pick me up. I hopped in the car and the first thing I do is grab a baseball hat! Kicking it off right. This girl was excited <3 Excited to spend time with the family, yell, smile, see big plays, people watch, beer and bobble heads!

The first thing we visited in the stadium was The Selig Experience. If you make it out there, do yourself a favor and go. It set the stage for the day. It shared of the experience of how the Milwaukee Brewers came to be. How they fought for Major League Baseball in the city. I had no idea. It was emotional to see what they went through to bring MLB to Milwaukee and what they had to do to keep it there.

Don't get me wrong, I love baseball. I have played softball since I was in Kindergarten. I love the Brewers because I am from Wisconsin and we love our teams. <3 However, I do not follow them religiously. It is a day for fun and cheering and standing up to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in the seventh inning stretch. I took it for granted. Sitting there, learning that this man had a vision and the city would come in droves to see the game brought tears to my eyes. It wasn't a game. It was a movement. It was a community a culture and the great sport of baseball. Fellowship. Heart. Connection. A part of something bigger than one could create on their own.

TALK ABOUT A GREAT WAY TO GET PUMPED! The game after that became so different for me. It became a privilege to sit in those seats. A privilege to be in the stadium. Again, something I had taken for granted. Not in the sense that I "deserved" to be there. More so, acknowledging the fact that I got to be there. That someone had paved the way for me to be able to experience a MAJOR League Baseball game with my family so close to home. Each play became and investment.

A moment in time I got to share with FORTY ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE. Have you ever done the wave at a stadium? You and 41,000 other people are all in the same moment on the same page at the same time. WHAT? Is that not magic that that many people in the same place can agree on the same thing? :) It brings a smile to my face. Same thing standing up to sing the National Anthem. Yes, I am aware that there is much to say and think around that part of the game. However, in this moment, it is recognizing that we stand for what has been given in honor and gratitude. An entire stadium standing for the spirit of Freedom. When you take a second to let that sink in, it takes the edge off little things that seem so big. Like I said. Magnificent. All brought to you by the heart of a man, the love of a community, and a country that has people willing to fight for it. <3

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