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Because it's Tuesday....Snail Mail

When is the last time you sent a letter? An encouragement. A reminder. A happy little token of life and light and love.

Letters are one of the most romantic things there are in my mind. An organization called #letterstostrangers coins it as "writing is humanity distilled into ink". YES.

There is something about taking the time to put a pen to paper. You have to be present to physically write a love note, a thank you, a thinking of you, a sympathy card, a Happy Birthday, a congratulation, a TUESDAY just because. :)

Have you ever sent a letter just because?

Just because it was a random day where someone popped into your mind and you wanted them to know. A day you were feeling particularly whimsical and had something to share. A day sometime, somewhere where a gift was given not for a "reason" but simply because. Because it was a day to love for the sake of sharing a slice of human connection <3)

On top of that, there are hundreds of choices on what type of paper you write on and what you write with :) HAVE FUN! Enjoy being in the moment of the romanticism that is carried by sending something you hand crafted. A piece of your beautiful heart and mind. It carries an essence more beautiful, intentional, and luxurious than amazon prime tape on a package ever could. The intention that unfolds on paper. Memories engraved deeper. Taking the time to be with your thoughts and the person you are writing to. You may not be with them. Still, in a sense, you are connecting to them. A heart string of sorts. A little moment where you are pouring out joy or sorrow or celebration into a letter. When they receive it, they will feel it. Such connection and presence is not always captured nor understood via text or email.

For some, "snail mail" used to be the quickest way of communication. For others, land lines. Then onto phones, dial up, email, cell phones, internet, social media, texting, tweeting, direct messages, personal messages and so forth. Not necessarily in that order ;)

Today, it is one of the slowest ways of communication. Time to write a letter, stamp it and send it? Then to wait several days before they even receive it. They may tell you they may not. They may write back, they may not. This time though, you could shoot them a quick text to see if they got it and know instantly.

Imagine that was the only way we got to connect with people. Imagine the only way you would know they got it is if they sent something back? How would that impact what would you say to your friends and family in your letters? How would you convey your life? Would it be factual? Dramatic? A story?

Can you feel it? Is there something that is captured when you read a letter?

Can you feel it when you write? Taking the risk of messing up, foiling a sentence, spilling your heart, spinning a story. What is the novelty of hand made items to you? A written note is just that. Sitting down, imagining that person you are writing to. Imagine what it will be like when they get the letter.

Take some time today, grab a piece of paper and write to the first person that pops in your mind that brings you joy. Tell them whatever you'd like to share. Let it be whatever it is. Not about it being perfect or looking a certain way.

Let it be, pop it in the mail, and spread a little love today.

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