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BE worth it

Worth it. How many different ways do we use the word worth. Fair trade? Priceless? Face Value? What do you picture when you think of the word worth?

The worth that something has is given by us. Our opinion of it. Typically this is used in purchases we make or products and services we offer. The worth you place on something depends on your values around time, money, quality, quantity, service, etc. Often times, the things we deem worth it may not be reciprocated by those around us. Other times, things may become worth it because someone else we value said it was so.

This moment in the photo came from a conversation. A conversation backed with my entire life experience around the way I view worth. How much is my time worth? What am I doing with my time? What would people pay me for my time? If I can get tasks accomplished more quicker, is that worth more or less? So on and so forth. It boils down to creating value.


My belief systems knows that I am worth it. I have nothing to do, nothing to prove to be worth it. I am worth it because I exist.

I also know it is one thing to know something and another thing to own it as my own.

(In Progress over here <3) I know I am worth it.

Knowing that, how do I trust in it as I move forward in the exchange that comes from careers, relationships, etc.


It really comes down to creating value around myself like I would create value around an item,service, or person. The key of the conversation I had with my friend was around BEING WORTH IT. Being comes from place of existence. Am I existing in the highest value of worth that I am? How am I treating myself? How am I portraying myself? Am I acting like I am worth it? Am I acting like I am worth it or not? What if I did?

The writing on my palm is a reminder. Designed to say, You are already completely worth it. As you operate from a place of WORTH IT, you teach others how to treat you, you teach you how to treat you.

Be willing to come from Worth it and collect evidence for how worth it you are. <3

Be willing to Choose to value you like you value other people or other things.

What might you find out?

You are worth it.

Act like it <3


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