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A different type of Lorax

This might just be a book one day <3 And for now, someone deserves to hear it. To all the kids & parents, keep doing your best. <3


I say often that there are three heroes in this world.

One. Parents

Two. Married People

Three. Teachers

And I say all of that not because I have been in that position, but because I get a behind the scenes glance into many lives of people who do have that position. This focus is on the parenting part.

Beginning in my mid 20’s, I reached an age where I could think back into my childhood and see all the people that helped me get to where I was at now. I also was at an age (perhaps more in life experience than actual age), that allowed me to reach forward into the lives of parents around me. Young enough to be a daughter, old enough to communicate effectively with parents.

I feel like the Lorax. I speak for the trees. Really I feel like I speak for the daughters. I speak for the children and what they aren’t saying. I speak for the things you have always wanted them to say. Because I see it. And I get it.

I also speak for the daughters in the things they will never tell you.

I speak for the daughters in the fears they have about disappointing you.

I speak for the daughters in the things they wish they could tell you but don’t want to ruin your image of them.

I also speak for the mothers.

When children don’t understand that what parents want for their kiddos is protection. Safety. A guaranteed better life than the one they had. Based on their idea of what a better life is.

I am the one who sees you teaching your little how to walk across the street. I will appreciate you for the amazingness of that. And I will remind them that they taught you that.

I'm the one who will tell you the harder you hold on, the quicker you will lose them.

I am the one that will tell you they will be ok.

What do I want you to know?

I want you to know how incredible you are - even when you think you are not. And what a feat it is to be a parent in the first place.

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