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Performance coaching

The goal you have created, committed to,

and broken time and time again.

The thing you have always wanted to do but

other things always seem to get in the way. 

You want to want to have goals - but you don’t. 

You knew if you made a goal you could probably hit it. 

You stay as far away from making goals as possible. If you have nothing to achieve, you cannot fail.

Did you say yes to any of these above? I want to help with that. 

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To my incredible visionary leaders.

I adore you.

You consistently contribute to the planet and

your capacity to add ideas to your plate is amazing.


Your 50,000 foot view allows you to experience things

many others can’t even comprehend.Why?

Because they can’t see what you see.

You get to stay at 50,000 ft to make sure the scene you see continues to be built out.


I am here to help telescope your vision to 5 ft. To see your people on the ground.The what’s next, the where is this going, the 'Ok, I have this idea, what actually needs to happen to roll it out?' That's where we can play. 

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Connection Coaching

To my relationship builders,

be it in business or personal life,

the people you want to surround yourself exist.

The relationships you are looking for

are available to you.  


That may be the one. It may be the community for your business.

It may be with yourself.


Any or all, I got you. <3 

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