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Connect to your inner knowing on a deeper level.

Increase your ability to access it routinely.

Have a safe space to share your true emotions and thoughts.

You will be supported and loved.

Judgement free & Agenda free. 

Don't know what you're doing with your life

or where you are going next?

That is ok! We can explore that too!

Inner Voice Sesssions


Mindset & Intuition Coaching


Have a specific goal(s) in mind?

Want to work on a particular skill set?

Looking to discover and build quality relationships?

We will utilize the mind and intuition to offer a

variety of perspectives and go from there!


We will work together to look at

what is moving your forward and

what could be holding you back. 

This is a safe space to put everything on the table. 

Each session the internal awareness and discoveries

support your continuous growth. Should you choose, 

this expands beyond your goals and has the capacity to 

support you the rest of your life.

About Me

HI! My name is Leah <3 

I love life, I love love, & I love the little things! 

I am passionate about living life

connected through vulnerability. 

I have a background in chiropractic

with over five years experience engaging

with the emotional component of health.

I am a certified coach through Klemmer & Associates.

I love people where they are at while supporting

them to teach themselves where they want to go. 

I am an Inner Voice Facilitator certified through Jess Lively.

I adore the process of people discovering their

true selves and the leaps it allows them to obtain. 


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